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Brand story

Following the overwhelming response to ’NAMO Italian Restaurant, our founders felt it was time to introduce Saigon to Tuscan cuisine. Hearty, wholesome, packed full of flavour using ingredients born of the rich lands surrounding Florence, Val Di Chiana and Siena; the food of Tuscany is a cuisine unto itself.

Our founding head chef spent more than 10 years living in Tuscany and has been immersed in Tuscan cuisine since he was young, learning to roll local Tuscan pastas with the local grandmothers, discovering the intrinsic flavours of the rolling hills of the Val D’Orcia and going on to open an award-winning restaurant in Tuscany. It is the flavours and memories from Tuscany that inspired the menu at ’NAMO Tuscan Grill.

The delicate texture of local handmade pappardelle pasta, the deep warmth of wild boar ragouts and the infamous wood-fired char of a bistecca fiorentina, all feature. It is uncompromisingly honest, truly authentic and full of passion for the farms and kitchens in Tuscany that inspired us.

Food concept

The ingredients hailing from Tuscany are characteristic of the land’s unending richness. Evoking the robust, earthy flavours of Italy’s most beloved region, every cut of bistecca fiorentina porterhouse and Tomahawk rib-eye steak are perfumed with fragrant Tuscan herbs and coated in a thin layer of the finest Italian olive oil. A porterhouse steak is distinguishably the thickest cut of T-bone steak available and ours is sourced from the highest pedigree of Australian beef. Each variety of pasta in our repertoire is made from the highest quality wheat flour around and farm-fresh eggs, crafted using the traditional techniques passed down through generations. Our premium sauces allow you to uncover the best-kept secrets of Tuscan cuisine. Delight in the savoury white wine buttery sauté fusion peppered with highly prized black truffles. The pillowy gnudi semolina dumplings infused with our homemade ricotta will melt in your mouth. Our commitment to using only quality ingredients testifies to the artisanal nature of all our creations.

Tuscany is also home to several notable wines, which occupy the most elite wine cellars around the world. Super Tuscan wines are known for their unparalleled depth of flavour. Full-bodied reds from the region, such as Chianti and the Brunello di Montalcino DOCG complement the rustic flavours of Tuscan cuisine. With roots stretching deep into Tuscany’s magnificent past, these ingredients have been reimagined in the kitchen of 'NAMO Tuscan Grill. This is a new breed of Italian cuisine paying special attention to simple pleasures and time-honoured gastronomic traditions.

Bistecca Fiorentina

Bistecca Fiorentina

Spiced with Tuscan herbs, the porterhouse steak is a marbled universe of flavours waiting to be explored. A porterhouse, distinguishably the thickest cut of T-bone steak available, is sourced from the highest pedigree of Australian beef. Coupled with a beautiful charred-crust seal in our custom-built wood fired grill, this results in an artfully crafted, deliciously moist and tender bistecca. Pair with a bottle of Lucente Toscana. There’s plenty to go around.



Thin tapes of flat egg noodles
Paired with: Black truffles and sautéed forest mushrooms



Pillowy ricotta-infused dumplings made with semolina
Paired with: Spinach, brown butter and sage

Meet the chef

Meet the chef

Executive Chef Michele Totaro comes with experience accumulated across many continents over the past 20 years including several stints at a legendary two Michelin-starred Mediterranean restaurant on the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

Our team

At ’NAMO, we pride ourselves on working with people who are as dedicated to quality as we are. We invest in world-class training to ensure our teams are able to offer you first-rate service and expertise about the ingredients and food culture that make ’NAMO so unique. We look forward to sharing our passion with you.

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